" ​Funding genetic testing to find a proper diagnosis to create the right solution."


Kelly Rose Sarno
​Kelly Rose Sarno is a networking and marketing professional who has started her own brand in her business. Please click on her picture for her biography.

Board Members

Meghan Yarnall

Founder and President of Show Me Your Genes

Dr. S. Ali Fatemi, MD
​Dr. Ali Fatemi will bring his expertise in genetics to our board of directors to help with the application and grant process. Please click on the picture for a biography.

Gina Mitchell
​Gina Mitchell is a marketing professional in the Philadelphia area. Gina brings a vast knowledge of target marketing and a vast knowledge of the struggles of special needs families. Please click her picture for her bio. 

Garrett Flasinski
​Garrett Flaskinski is a financial advisor with Mass Mutual of Greater Philadelphia and specializes in financial planning for special needs families. Please click on his picture for his biography

Show Me Your Genes

Board of Directors