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Kelly Rose Sarno

Kelly Rose Sarno is from the Boston area where she lives with her husband, Sean, two-year old son, Declan, and Golden Retriever, Lucky. Kelly has been a dominant force in the marketing/networking business since she joined Younique, Inc. She rose to the top of her company in 2 short years and has made a presence in the world uplifting woman and encouraging women to be "unapologetically confident" which is her slogan. Her willingness to share her vulnerabilities and her strengths has contributed to a whole new world of women entrepreneurs building empires in the palms of their hands. She had cultivated a culture within her team that allows the women in her success line to be open, vulnerable and to believe in themselves. She is an authentic leader with a contagious personality that has taken the world by storm. Kelly sees no boundaries and knows possibilities are endless with every opportunity she engages. Kelly will not only bring her professional skills to the board of Show Me Your Genes, but also her passion to help children achieve their highest potential just as she has herself.